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05 June 2012

Welcome Koby Dean Kelson Our Adorable little Gradson

Congratulations to Emma, Sonny and Olivia.
We are very proud to welcome our first adorable little grandson Koby Dean Kelson into our family, Koby was born  yesterday at 10.20pm (New Zealand time) on June 4th, weighing 9lb 2oz, 52cm in length, (he still looks tiny) he has lots of dark hair, he was 8 days overdue. It was a drug free water birth, Emma's labour started at 6.30am yesterday all I can say is she must have a very high pain thresh hold.
When we showed Olivia (his big sister) she said "I am so excited, he's sooo cute", we took her up to the hospital to see her Mummy, Daddy  and Koby last night.
On the way home she said " his little hands, fingers and fingernails freaked me out" lol she was so funny. It's funny what kids say. Olivia has had lots of cuddles with him and loves very much as we all do. 

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Debi said...

congrats to you and your family :-) Koby is the same size my daughter was at birth- also born drug free, what a great start Emma's given your grandon you must be so proud!!! Debi x


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