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27 March 2010

How to make Rhinestone Brads sit flat

Here is a simple little trick.
 Do your Rhinestone Brads sit flat or do they look like this one when you have used them to embellish a project.
This is how it will look
You will need a pair of flat nose pliers.

1.  When you look at the Rhinestone Brad there is a triangle under the base of the brad,
this stops the brad  from sitting flat.

2.  Take the Rhinestone Brad and place it in your flat nose pliers as shown above
and squeeze the feet as close together as you can.

3.  This is what the brad will look like when you have finished.


Anonymous said...

fantastic Sally thanks for the tip!

Debbie Lamb said...

That's a great tip Sally. They do protrude quite a bit otherwise :)


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