Stampin' Up! ® Independent Demonstrator

22 November 2009

A Demo in the training ?

This afternoon my Grandaughter decided she had to stamp stamp (as she calls it) while I tried to make a card (which is inpossible when your babysitting a nearly 3 year old) and of course Olivia had to use my stamps rather than hers she knows which ones are nicer. Here we are using Season of Joy.


 The stamp stamp comes from tapping the stamp on the ink pad more than once, and usually manages to keep her fingers off the ink pad as well.



Helen Williams said...

That's lovely Sally. These are the little treasures in life, enjoy them.

KarenR said...

Ahh I can see in a few years time she'll have lots of potential! Isn't she just gorgeous - you must be very proud,

Janine P said...

gorgeous photos and the look of concentration and wonder on her face is priceless

Debbie Lamb said...

Yes, very adorable!!

Sally W said...

Thank you Ladies she is my little Angel.


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